Practicum Day 13

Today I gave a lesson on the quotient rule. It was a residual lesson from the previous day. I think I spent way too much time on it considering that the rule itself isn’t that important and it doesn’t generalize nicely like it’s product rule counterpart. Also, the section in the book is really short. I wanted to get through to the chain rule but, I didn’t have enough time at the end of the lesson. I restated the the quotient rule and provided the proof. I then proceeded to start some examples on the board.

I walked around the class and checked which students were following, which students were trying the problems and which students were stuck. For the students that were not trying the problem or were stuck, I wrote down a strategy on the board for the students’ benefit.

In my grade 9 class, I gave a lesson on modeling with algebra. I used an example of video game programmers or developers as jobs that use algebra to build their game mechanics. In particular, I talked about a couple of equations that deal with the catch rate of pokemon and the probability of capture when you throw a pokeball. So I wrote the equations on the board and then proceeded to explain what they meant. I then gave a specific example by asking the students to give me some information about the game. I played some pokemon battle music in the background while I did this problem.

The reactions that I got from the students were mostly positive, I think. A couple of the students that rarely participate, were more willing to talk about some ideas when they were able to give some of their input. So I was glad to see that these students were engaged. I may try to do similar examples to engage more students. One student suggested that I try to make a Call of Duty example.


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